ABA 2019

The Australian Business Awards 2019 are an opportunity to recognise Australian connected businesses and individuals operating in Vietnam at the highest level.

The award winners, along with category finalists, will be promoted and acknowledged for the contributions and excellence that they contribute to the business community in Vietnam. The opportunity to be recognised by the Australian business community and to win an award is one that staff, customers, suppliers and owners can all experience and benefit from.

The Australian Business Awards 2019 will be presented at a Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, on Friday, 8 March 2019.

  • 1 August 2018– Call for nomination for the ABA 2019 : Click here 
  • 14th December 2018 – closing date for Nominations

General Criteria:

Nominations for The Australian Business Awards 2018 are open to all companies, individuals and non-profit entities operating in Vietnam that can demonstrated a tangible connection to Australia.

Nominees need to commit to becoming an Auscham Member before they can be short-listed for judging, if they are not already an Auscham Member. If short-listed as a finalist, nominees also commit to attending the gala dinner for the awards ceremony and to take part in the preparation of promotional material for the gala dinner/awards ceremony.

Nominees must meet the specific criteria detailed for each award, along with being regarded as being of good standing in the Vietnam business community.


Please contact Michael Roberts – AusCham Executive Director at execdirector@auschamvn.org or Nhien Ton – Marketing & Events Manager at marketingmgr@auschamvn.org

I. Headline Sponsor – VND 115,000,000 (approx. USD 5,000)

Media and Advertising benefits

  • Logo/title placed in marketing materials, main backdrop, and banner of the event
  • Logo/title placed in AusCham’s website banner, AusCham Facebook Timeline and AusCham weekly E-Newsletter
  • One editorial on AusCham’s website and Facebook page

Benefits at Australian Business Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner

  • 10 FOC tickets (one table)
  • One promotion desk to introduce Sponsor’s business
  • Two standees placed in the welcoming area
  • Video Clip (max. 02 minutes) during event
  • Acknowledgements in the welcoming and closing speeches

II. Award Category Supporters – VND 34,500,000 (approx. USD 1,500) /01 award

  • The Award for Sustainability – sponsored by BlueScope
  • The Award for Innovation
  • The Award for Corporate Social Responsibility
  • The Award for Best Consumer Brand
  • The Award for Best Emerging Business – sponsored by Asia Counsel
  • The Chairman’s Award for Business Excellence – sponsored by Mavin Group

Media and Advertising benefits

  • Logo/title placed in marketing materials, main backdrop, and banner of the event
  • Logo/title placed in AusCham’s website banner, AusCham Facebook Timeline and AusCham weekly E-Newsletter

Benefits at Australian Business Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner

  •  02 FOC tickets
  • One promotion desk to introduce sponsor’s business
  • One Standee placed in the welcoming area
  • Video Clip (max. 01 minute) prior to presentation of sponsored award
  • Acknowledgement in the welcoming and closing speeches

Nomination Process: Click here 

All nominations must be completed on the official Nomination Form, either in printed form or via the Auscham Website. Nominations can be made by any Auscham Member, and Auscham Members are not restricted to the number of nominations each can make, provided each nominee is able to meet the specific criteria for the respective award they are being nominated for.

Organisations and individuals can be nominated for more than one award category, provided they meet the criteria for each category.

Each nominee will be contacted by Auscham to confirm their agreement and consent to proceed with their participation in the awards process. Self-nomination is also encouraged for any member organisation or individual.

Auscham Vietnam is the sole evaluator of the award criteria, and will determine if nominated parties meet the required criteria for the awards.

Judging Process

The nominees will be assessed by the Board of the Australian Chamber of Commerce, and short-listed finalists will be selected that the Board feel best meet the criteria set out for each of the award categories. The Board will select a short-list of up to 5 finalists for each award.

The short-listed finalists will be presented to a Judging Panel, comprising 5 invited individuals, each representing an important connection between then Australian and Vietnam business communities.

One individual will be invited from each of the following fields/sectors to be a judge:

  • Representative from an Australian education institution
  • President of AusCham
  • Two prominent Australian Business Leaders, currently leading Australian multi-national enterprise in Vietnam or with significant business history in Vietnam.
  • Successful Vietnamese-Australian Business Leader

The judging panel will be provided with the short-listed finalists. The finalists will be asked to prepare an additional information pack for the specific award they are short-listed for, and will work with Auscham to prepare a short 1-2 minute video production (to be used to judging and to be presented at the Awards Ceremony). Judges will also conduct site visits as arranged during the judging process.

The judges’ decision will be confidential, and the Auscham Board will not be informed of the winners (except for the President) until the evening of the event.

Key Dates

  • 1st August 2018 – opening of nominations for the Australian Business Awards 2019
  • 14th December 2018 – closing date for Nominations
  • 28th  December 2018 – Short-listed finalists announced
  • January 2018 – February 2018 – Judging process undertaken.
  • 8th March 2019 – Australian Business Awards 2019 Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony.

Award Eligibility

The organisation must be able to demonstrate a significant connection to Australia.  It will be the responsibility of the judges to assess the connection, and their decision will be final.

The organisation must be a financial member of AusCham, or be eligible and willing to become a member.  Shortlisted applicants must commit to attending the Australian Business Awards in March 2019.

The organisation must have been trading for a continuous period of two years or more, and by agreeing to be nominated the organisation declares that they are not currently insolvent, not currently facing any legal actions that may impinge on their insolvency, and have access to appropriate resources to remain solvent into the foreseeable future.

Award Submissions: Click here 

For each category a number of criteria are suggested as a guideline for the type of evidence that the judges will consider for your submission.  We strongly encourage you to address the criteria.

Award Categories

I. The Award for Sustainability


The Sustainability Award recognises businesses that are working to reduce the impact of their operations on the environment and/or provide products and services that have positive environmental outcomes.

(Where sustainability is your core business, you must enter this category based on sustainable initiatives and projects within your business, not related to your core offering)


  1. Describe your business environmental sustainability goals. Note that these must be quantifiable targets.
  2. Describe the initiatives/actions your organisation has undertaken to achieve its sustainability objectives in the previous 12- 24 months within the region you are entering the awards.
  3. Describe your sustainability achievements over the last 12 months.
  4. Describe how you involve staff in your environmental initiatives.
  5. Provide measurable evidence of how the sustainability objectives your business has achieved have contributed to the business, customers, staff and suppliers such as financial outcomes, staff engagement, marketing benefits, supplier/customer loyalty.

II. The Award for Innovation


The Innovation Award recognises organisations that implement business initiatives, demonstrating innovative solutions for new or existing business needs that enable the organisation to gain a competitive edge in their field


  1. Describe the innovation. How is it unique/original? How did you identify the opportunity and introduce the change?.
  2. What have you done to ensure the benefit of this innovation is sustainable? What plans do you have to use this innovation to sustain your growth, or develop new innovations?
  3. How do you measure the value of the innovation? (How does the innovation contribute to your success and competitive position?).
  4. Describe any risks or challenges you faced in introducing this innovation (How did you manage them? What did you learn as a consequence?).

III. The Award for Corporate Social Responsibility


The Award for Corporate Social Responsibility recognises organisations contributing to and giving back to the community in Vietnam, including initiatives to improve lives and futures.


  1. Why should your company be recognised for excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility?
  2. Describe your corporate social responsibility program.
  3. How have the initiatives of corporate social responsibility involved your staff?
  4. Describe how the initiatives of corporate social responsibility has impacted the community they are supporting.
  5. Please provide any available documentation and/or promotional material to support the information provided, such as but not limited to details and background of the project, how the project was conducted, who participated, before and after analysis if any. Also indicate to what extent the program is tied into your corporate strategy.

IV. The Award for Best Consumer Brand


This Award recognises a business that demonstrates outstanding customer/market insight and how marketing is used to optimise performance; increase customer loyalty, retention, customer satisfaction and/or profitability.


  1. Provide an outline and explanation of significant business achievements during the last 12-18 months – eg sales trends, sales figures, gross or net profit. What would you attribute these significant achievements to?
  2. Describe your target market. How competitive is your market? How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors?
  3. Explain how your business responds effectively to meet changing market expectations and buyer behaviour. How does your marketing plan accommodate this?
  4. Describe how you market your business. What is your approach to promotion, how do you ensure your product/service gets to customers? How do you measure and evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing activities and your market’s awareness of your brand?
  5. How has your marketing approach achieved success for your business? (Include short and long term achievements or successes).

V. The Award for Best Emerging Business


This Award recognises a business that has achieved significant business growth during the last one to three years as a result of effective planning and delivery. The business must have started trading after 31 January 2016.

  1. Outline your significant business achievements during the last 12-18 months – eg sales trends, sales figures, gross or net profit. What would you attribute these significant achievements to?
  2. Describe your business growth. (Growth in staff numbers, profit, sales).
  3. Demonstrate the significance of the growth you have experienced.
  4. How did you achieve this level of growth? What obstacles, risks or challenges did you overcome and how?
  5. Describe what you are doing to ensure the business is sustainable. How you will make sure the business either consolidates its position and/or keeps growing?

VI. The Chairman’s Award for Business Excellence


This Award recognises organisations that are widely regarded as having excelled in their field and are recognised as true leaders at the forefront of their industry.


  1. What is unique about your business and how does it demonstrate excellence?
  2. Describe your business growth and key milestones in the previous 24 months.
  3. What were the strategies and plans you initiated to achieve your business growth over the previous 24 months.
  4. Explain how the strategies in Question 3 achieved their measurable outcomes and demonstrate “excellence”.
  5. Detail the key challenges your business and industry face in the future and the strategies and plans you have in place to address these challenges.


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