Since 2017, Savills Vietnam has stopped its participation in local and international industry awards and redirected annual award fees to charity and environmental activities to better benefit local people and community. In 2018, with the focus on education, Savills Vietnam cooperated with Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation to develop a soft skill – training programme throughout 2018 for students at the foundation. Creative thinking and time management training for new undergraduates in October are a part of this programme.

With the aim to equip children at Blue Dragon with practical study and career skills, Savills Vietnam has developed a training programme for the foundation’s students, covering a wide range of essential employability skills. The programme began in July with a 2 –day training course for last year undergraduates in Hanoi and Da Nang about communication, CV writing and job interview skills. The course timely provided what the students needed before entering the job market hence received plenty positive feedbacks from attendants.

Following the success of the initial programme, Savills Vietnam organised a training course for new university students in October. The course focused on developing creative thinking and time management skills – essential requirements needed for the new students in order to adapt to a new environment and work efficiently. The training combined theory and practice through teamwork activities and interactive games, therefore was well – received by the students. Savills programme so far has provided training to over 100 students from Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation in total.

In addition to the training programme, Savills Vietnam also awarded 10 two – year scholarships, which will cover tuition fees as well as living allowance, for 10 university students in Blue Dragon’s Tertiary Student Support Programme. Savills CSR activities around education and training in 2018 has tightened the cooperative relationship between Savills Vietnam and Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation since 2013 various charity activities, including financial and resource support.

About “Savills Cares”

Savills Cares is Savills Vietnam Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaign launched in 2017 where annual industry award fees are redirected to activities to better benefit local people, society and environment.

In 2018, with the mutual focus on education – the key to end the poverty cycle, Savills Vietnam and Blue Dragon have aligned the Savills Cares campaign and Blue Dragon’s Tertiary Student Support Programme. This alignment aims to support education for children in need, covering soft skills training, career workshops and real estate courses from Savills experts. These programmes aim to put office jobs, particularly jobs in real estate industry in a friendlier and more realistic perspective for students in Blue Dragon, thus helping them shape and build their career paths before graduation.

About Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation:

Since the small beginnings in 2003, Blue Dragon has become a powerful force for change on the streets of Vietnam, both in the bustling cities and in rural areas.

Blue Dragon believes that every child deserves exceptional care so they can grow and flourish. Their services include rescue and crisis care for young people in immediate danger; shelter; legal advocacy; and long term support to return to school and training.

They work with street kids, runaway children, victims of human traffickingchildren with disabilities, young rural-urban migrants, kids affected by drugs and HIV/AIDS, homeless families, child prisoners, and the rural poor.

For the last 15 years, Blue Dragon has collaborated with many non-profit organisations and companies, including Savills Vietnam. Savills Vietnam is honoured to have accompanied Blue Dragon on its holistic journey since 2013 via various charity activities, including financial and resource support.



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